problems with yoga

What is Wrong With Yoga Today

Yoga has been growing exponentially in the West in the last few decades and for many good reasons. It offers many amazing benefits. However, there are few things that are fundamentally wrong with the way yoga is taught here in the West.

There is a great post on MindBodyGreen website that summarizes some of the problems that result from the Western-style teaching approach to yoga.

Most have to do with the fact that yoga is meant to be non-competitive practice designed to foster internal development rather than almost fitness-like competitive sport. There is also a lot more pressure to grow and monetize the practice which results in overcrowding and less attention paid to students by the teachers.

Does that mean you should give up and stop practicing all together? Of course not, but you should also be aware of these faults and find a way to work around them. Perhaps, finding a smaller class with a more reputable teacher who pays close attention to each student and refuses to have large classes so they can give more attention to each individual practitioner.

But despite these faults, yoga is and will remain to be a great way to get in shape, release stress and help you become a more well-rounded individual.

Article:4 Things That Are Wrong With Yoga Today

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